Bucs expect to make “tough decisions” on offensive line

The Buccaneers signed center Ryan Jensen as a free agent this offseason in a move that will have a ripple effect on the offensive line.

Before we start giving all the qualifiers to Warner’s comments, let’s get it out of the way: We’re all thinking it was Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden — who seems to be collecting old free agents like he’s building a football ark — who he was talking to, right?

Now, just because Warner was talking to anyone doesn’t mean that it was ever a remote possibility.

And since Warner admits it doesn’t seem he was taken seriously, who knows how far along this idea ever really got.

I’m sure if you polled Pro Football Hall of Famers, they’ve all had fleeting fantasies of a comeback (it’s not even the first time Warner has floated a comeback possibility ).

“Really the only comment is I have a good relationship with the organization, and I will be speaking with them soon about Ereck,” Rosenhaus said, via the New York Post.

The Giants are on the hook for Flowers’ entire $4.5 million-plus cap hit this year, so it wasn’t a great surprise to hear they plan to keep him rather than cut him withbroncos_122_21be279738d7ad2f-180x180out getting anything in return. Rosenhaus could work to get the Giants to change that plan in a way Flowers couldn’t do on his own or at least serve as a conduit that works through the strained lines of communication that currently exist between team and player.

If your starting quarterback goes down, your second guy comes up and they’re all on the same page about exactly what timing they need to hit. Palmer is thrilled to huddle up with Darnold to help Wilson develop technology that he believes could potentially be game-changing for the sport — particularly quarterbacks.

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